My two older daughters are suffering headaches. What kind of tests can be done to ensure it is not cancer? Their ages are 13 and 12. Their youngest sister was diagnosed with a.L.L. In june. Their headaches are sharp and shooting pains located in the fr

I . I am sure you are very concerned about your daughters headaches, especially due to the fact that you have another daughter diagnosed with cancer. I know it would be futile for me to tell you not to worry, so i won't. Before any tests can be done to determine if a tumor is the cause of their headaches(namely cat scan or MRI of the brain) their primary care provider will want to do a complete history and physical to determine if cancer is even a possibility. There are much more common causes of headaches such as myopia (vision problem), allergies, migraines, and even stress, which is a likely possibility. If the doctor feels that a cancer or a brain tumor needs to be ruled out, then the appropriate tests will be ordered. Allow the primary care doctor to evaluate them from an unbiased perspective. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you always have the option of getting a second opinion.
Sounds like a lot . Of stress at your house. Rather than technology, i'd start with your family doctor, or ask your oncology team caring for your daughter to help your family and your teen daughters. Indeed, they may need xrays, but they might need someone to talk with them about their feelings and worries about themselves, their sister, and you.