How does HPV affect men? My wife has HPV and was treated but what do I do? Is there a treament for me too or should I be concerned about any health effects for me?

Probably all is well. As the sex partner of someone with genital HPV, you can be pretty sure you are or have been infected with the same strain. Most HPV infections cause no symptoms and are cleared by the immune system and never cause any health problem. So if you have no warts or other unexplained bumps or sores of the genital area, all is well. Nothing can or needs to be done. See your doctor if still concerned.
HPV . Hpv otherwise known as human papilloma virus is very common. It is estimated that 1/3 people carry the virus, however not all have symptoms or any health problem as a result of it. There are many of types of hpv. The most common causing genital warts. Other types cause cervical cancer in women, anal cancer in both men and women, and certain throat cancers. The fact that your wife has hpv means that you are likely a carrier of the virus. The good news for you is that most men develop no symptoms or health problems as a result of contracting the virus. Currently, there is no test to detect hpv in men. If you suspect you have genital warts or more uncommonly any signs or symptoms of cancer (new lesions, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes) you should bring this to the attention of your doctor.