Can a hair tranplant look natural, or does it always look artificial?

Natural Appearance. If hair transplants are done by an experienced surgeon on a patient who is a good candidate for surgery, the results will look natural. If the lack of density of transplanted hair or the change in hair texture, which causes the hair to be more curly, does bother a patient they should consider the fleming/mayer flap which provides normal uniform density.
Always natural! Modern mini and micrografts when done well are practically indistinguisable from your native hair. The old plug technique is no longer considered the community standard. Stay tuned as new technology is being introduced to make the process faster and less expensive!
Natural Hair. The latest hair transplant techniques look very natural because they use small clusters of 1, 2, or 3 follicles rather then plugs of 10-15 hairs (old fashioned technique). We use a microsurgical technique to ensure that each graft is cut appropriately and implanted in the best possible way to give the hair a natural appearance.
Not always . The use of fue in the hands of a skilled and experiences surgeon can produce very natural and longlasting results.
Natural. When performed correctly with follicular unit transplantation it always has a natural look.
Yes. Use of individual "follicular unit" grafts tend to look very natural without evidence of "clumping" or "plugs" which are not attractive. Seek hair transplant surgeons that transfer small single or few hair units in high numbers rather than doing large plugs with less number of grafts.