I take atirejection med for a kidney, but for the first time in 6yrs I have run out. How long before this is a huge issue? I have only missed one dose so far. My insurance has been terminated and I am unemployed. I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

Noncompliance . Noncompliance with taking anti-rejection medications is one of the leading causes of kidney transplantation rejection and kidney failure. It is important that you call your nephrologist and ask him for direction. Perhaps he/she can connect you with an agency to obtain these medications in the interim. It is crucial that you restart these medications asap. Kidney failure could occur sooner or later, but may be inevitable if you do not get access to these medications. In the meantime, live an impeccably healthy lifestyle and protect your body and kidneys from unneccessary toxins, eat nutritious foods, excercise and do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco.