Addiciton to computer my son is 43 years old and is addicted to the computer from the time he is off work until he goes to bed. He watches everything his girl friend does, from facebook, to her friends and what they are saying. He continually watches he

Mutual support helps. Are you addicted to monitoring your son? Or whoever he is to you. Consider attending a meeting of codependents anonymous.
It . It sounds like the only help your son is seeking out is his primary care provider (pcp) for help with his anxiety. This is a tricky situation because your son is an adult, and he has to take responsibility for his own health and care, and if he does not think he has a problem then he won't seek help.On the other hand, if your son allows you to be a part of his medical care then maybe you can go with him on his next visit and bring the situation up, with his permission of course, and then you all can discuss treatment options for your son, namely a therapist or psychiatry visit. You have to remember you can only be involved as much as your son will allow you to be.. Unless he becomes a harm to himself or another there is not much you can do. Have you ever tried to talk to him about your concerns? This is probably the best place to start.