Are you suppose to tell your boyfriend you have HPV before you have sex with him? I guess I can say my situation is a little diffrent I been dating this guy for 7 months and I have never had sex with him not because I don't want to but I became a christia

Sexual health. Talking with someone about your sexual health can be difficult, but really necessary. Before you have sex with him, sit down and talk about HPV- get good info from the website to help answer his questions. Do use condoms (not 100% effective against HPV, but they will help prevent other STDs). My "rule" is "If you can't talk with someone about sex, you shouldn't be having it with them"!
This . This is a very difficult situation, but one that needs to be handled truthfully and delicately. It is my opinion that you should disclose any and all information that has the potential to affect your partner, in this case hpv. The good news is that hpv does not commonly causes many health problems in men. The most typically effect would be genital warts, which can be treated. You should emphasize that hpv is carried by one out of three people. That means if three people are in a room, the odds of one person carrying hpv is extremely high. He actually may be a carrier and not even no it, since men usually have no symptoms. Also let him know that currently there is no test available to detect hpv in men. If you feel more comfortable take him with you to your family doctor, and have your doctor explain it to him in detail, that way if he has any questions, they can be answered; or if you think he won't respond well to this, then i like your plan of having some literature available for him to read. Try not to worry, if he is the one for you, he will accept you exactly as you are.