Are there other ways besides a tummy tuck to get rid of loose skin?

Yes. In addition to abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) excess skin of the thighs and upper arms can be adressed surgically.
Not really. At this time tummy tuck surgery is the mot reliable way to minimize loose skin in the abdomen.
Nope. No reliable method other than to conceal it beneath compression garments.
Tummy tuck. Unfortunately loose skin is very difficult to correct by minimally invasive means. Modalities such as slim lipo can reduce the fatty tissue, but will only correct small amounts of skin laxity. The typical patient who has loose skin is post pregnancy or post large quantity weight loss and really needs the skin removed with a tummy tuck. Regards, d. Medalie, md www. Clevelandplasticsurgery. Com.
No. The excess skin that is removed with a tummy tuck does not respond well to nonsurgical treatments. Some may offer laser therapy to tighten the skin (which does work). However, the amount of tightening does not satisfy most tummy tuck patients. I recommend discussing your specific situation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you determine the best treatment plan for you.

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Will a tummy tuck help me get rid of stretch marks and loose skin?

Yes. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) are designed to remove the loose skin of the abdominal wall, tighten the abdominal wall muscles and improve the overall contour.
Yes. In a word, yes! The "tummy tuck" procedure, or abdominoplasty, is designed to removed excess skin and fat from the abdominal wall and tighten the abdominal wall muscles, often following childbirth and/or significant weight loss. Stretch marks in the lower abdomen would be removed along with the skin that is removed. Stretch marks in the upper abdomen, however, would typically remain...
Yes. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgery to remove excess skin and tighten the muscles of the abdomen that have been stretched out (usually from being pregnant). It is not a weight loss procedure. The skin below the belly button is removed and the skin above the belly button remains. Thus, any stretch marks above the belly button will remain but may end up below the belly button.
Yes. Your stretch marks and loose skin will be removed if they are are in the part of your abdominal skin that is removed as part of your tummy tuck. Typically this is the skin between your belly buttom and pubic area.
Yes. A tummy tuck will achieve these goals provided that the stretch marks and loose skin are mostly located below the belly button.
Yes. A tummy tuck is done to correct the changes that occur from pregnancy that you can't do with diet and exercise: tighten loose skin, remove stretch marks, and reduce localized fat if any. Typically the skin where the stretch marks are is the area that is removed, between the belly button and the pubic area, leaving a bikini line scar.
Maybe. Depends on the extent of marks and how high they extend above the belly button. Also, you must have enough excess skin to lift and pull down for removal...To the extent the marks are within the excision of tissue line, they are removed.
Yes. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) are done for one or more of the three things you can't do with diet and exercise: loose skin, localized fat, and repair of muscle separation after pregnancy. Typically the stretch marks are concerntrated in the skin that is removed with tummy tuck, between the belly button and the pubic area.
Yes. The greatest concentration of stretch marks is usually in the skin that is removed in that operation.
Below the navel. A tummy tuck can be extremely effective in removing stretch marks in the skin below the belly button. Stretch marks in other locations (hips, upper tummy) will not be affected.
Tummy tuck lax skin. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) are the best procedure for removing loose skin and stretch marks. It can also be used to treat seperated muscles as well. To help understand the different types of tummy tucks (witch hazel) available view my video: http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=djmer5b5bx4.
To some degree. A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and removes most if not all of the skin under the belly button. The skin above the belly button is pulled down. This removes the loose skin and any stretch marks below the b button. Stretch marks above the b button before surgery usually end up below it after surgery.
Absolutely! A tummy tuck will remove most of the excess skin from the abdomen between the belly button and the pubic area, which is usually where most if the stretch marks are.
Tummy Tuck Results. Yes, the tummy tuck will remove most of the loose skin. Stretch marks will be removed from the area which is excised. Read more about the tummy tuck here:http://www. Cosmeticsurg. Net/procedures/abdominoplasty. Php dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore, maryland.
Usually. If the stretch marks and loose skin are in the right places (lower abdomen,) a tummy tuck usually helps remove some of them.

Help! Need to know if there's any way to get rid of loose skin after pregnancy other than tummy tuck?

No, no magic... No, as far as I know, there has been no magic ill or cream, but time coupling with healthy lifestyle with no overindulgence and obsession to avoid overweight and obesity will help in time, slowly and surely, but never back to the tightness before pregnancy. That is reality of life.
Loose Skin. No, your body will not return to its pre-pregnancy body. There are other non-surgical options such as skin tightening and coolsculpting. Also, try to keep up with healthy eating habits and daily exercise if possible.
Loose Skin? If it is loose skin you are wanting to eliminate, a tummy tuck would not be necessary. If, however, you are also wanting to tighten the muscles (repair a muscle separation), then yes, a tummy tuck is your only answer. A panniculectomy would address loose skin. Diet and exercise always helps, but it won't help a separated muscle or excessive, loose skin.

Can a tummy tuck help a post-pregnancy belly? I recently gave birth to twin girls. Right now, I am five months postpartum, but none of the exercises that I am doing are helping get rid of my saggy belly skin. Can tummy tucks actually get rid of all this e

Getting. Getting rid of extra skin is one of the best things that tummy tucks (witch hazel) have to offer. Unlike liposuction, tummy tucks (witch hazel) (abdominoplasty) remove excess skin and can tighten the muscular portion of the abdominal wall. The results can be dramatic.
Absolutely.. Absolutely. First, make sure that you are finished having children. It is possible to have an uncomplicated pregnancy after abdominoplasty, but you will negate the work that has been done. The stretched out skin and abdominal wall will shrink somewhat, but it is hard to predict how much this will occur in any one patient. The most important part of abdominoplasty is repositioning the muscles of the abdominal wall to their pre-pregnancy position. Skin and fat is also removed, but skin removal alone will be ineffective: skin is very stretchy. Good luck!
Tuck. You should be finished having children prior to considering a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). In addition I recommend waiting one full year after your last pregnancy prior to surgery to ensure the abdominal wall has completely recovered.
Twin Pregnancy. Congratulations on your twin girls! Yes, tummy tucks (witch hazel) can generally help post pregnancy tummies. Don't be discouraged, you are only 5 months postpartum. Take time for yourself and once you have lost your baby weight go visit with board certified plastic surgeons to discuss this procedure. The surgeon can discuss what will / will not be removed with the surgery.
Yes. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) or adominoplasty is great at rejuvenating the post oartum abdomen. This procedure will realign your rectis muscles in the midline limiting the diastasis typically created by your pregnancy as well as remove excess skin laxity and unsitely stretch marks. Remember, however, if you plan to having more children this will typically recur.
Most Certainly! Good morning! A tummy tuck will most certainly help your abdominal contour after twin pregnancy. In addition to removing excess fat and skin, a tummy tuck can be used to tighten the abdominal wall tissue that was stretched out with your twins, leading to a tighter, flatter belly. I hope this helps.
Probably. No amount of exercise can bring your washboard muscles back to midline (together) or remove excess skin.
Yes. Many times after giving birth to twins the abdomen does not return to the same shape it was before pregnancy. There are three components to the abdomen, skin, fat, and muscle layer. Depending on your specific problem some or all of these things can be improved.
Yes! A tummy tuck is designed to repair a post-pregnancy belly by tightening the muscles, removing the extra skin and stretch marks, and improving the abdominal contour.
Yes. The only way to remove the excess skin is to cut it out with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Some patients are candidates for a mini if their problem is all below the belly button. A board certified plastic surgeon is your best option for a consult and possible help.
Yes. It can be a very powerful operation. It's for those folks with extra skin and soft tissue. Many who have had babies and have extra skin want the excess taken away. Some just want to fit into pants better. The abdominal muscles may also have spread out with pregnancy or just over time. The plication sews them back together. This flattens the tummy. See a board certified plastic surgeon.
Great option! Tummy tucks (witch hazel) are a great procedure to help restore the pre-baby body following pregnancy. During this procedure, we generally use liposuction to create a more circumferential result, then tighten the midline muscles (to flatten the abdominal wall), and ultimately remove the excess skin. In doing so, you end up with a flatter more youthful tummy!

Can a tummy tuck help a post-pregnancy belly? I recently gave birth to twin girls. Right now, I am five months postpartum, but none of the exercises that I am doing are helping get rid of my saggy belly skin. Can tummy tucks actually get rid of all this e

Congratulations. Congratulations on your twins. As you have now discovered, pregnancy causes stretching of the abdominal wall and overlying skin and soft tissue. This causes a loose and saggy appearance of the abdominal skin and tissues, and a "poochy" appearance of the lower abdomen. You are doing the right thing in working on your fitness, but unfortunately, even significant muscle building and weight loss may not reduce the appearance of loose abdominal tissue. Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, is often the appropriate solution. Some women may be candidates for the "mini tummy tuck" procedure, which removes c-section scars and the loose tissue below the belly button, tightens the abdominal wall muscles below the belly button, and redrapes the tissue to create a tighter, more tight and flat appearing lower abdomen. If there is significant looseness of the abdominal tissues and abdominal muscles above the belly button as well, as is most often the case with pregnancy, the standard tummy tuck procedure would be the best solution. This procedure tightens the entire abdominal wall and removes a much greater amount of loose, redundant tissue and skin, which creates a tight, flat appearance of the entire abdomen. Typically, it is wise to wait at least 6 month after childbirth before having a tummy tuck, but surgeons vary on this. Your board certified plastic surgeon will be able to answer which would be the best procedure for you. All the best, dr. Skourtis.
Yes, . Yes, the tummy tuck will remove the extra skin. A plastic surgeon cuts off a swatch of skin and underlying fat from the belly button down to the pubic hair, and out to either side of the abdomen. Then he pulls the skin up from below and down from above and sews them together. I am not fond of this operation because, although you look slim in your clothes, without your clothes you pubic hair area now goes about half way up your lower abdomen. You should talk to a plastic surgeon for specifics as they pertain to you.
Yes, . Yes, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty will remove loose skin and tighten abdominal wall tissues stretched by pregnancy. It is good that you are trying to improve your abdominal appearance through exercise as it is important to be in as good physical shape as possible if you should decide to proceed with surgery and then to continue when permitted after surgery to maintain your results. Even if you are able to get back to your prepartum weight, there may be irreversible looseness of the skin and abdominal wall tissues contributing to your "sagginess" and/or bulging. You should consult with a plastic surgeon for an examination and to discuss your options.
What. What you have experienced is what most people will get loose flabby ski8n.The only way to get rid of it is to cut it away. There are no magic creams or exercise or anything else.
Surgery Helpful. Sometimes, despite efforts, patients are not able to achieve the abdominal wall contour they wish to achieve through diet and exercise alone. This may be especially true after twin pregnancy. In these cases, tummy tuck surgery may be appropriate/indicated. This operation serves to remove excess skin/adipose tissue and re-approximates the abdominal wall muscles that have spread with pregnancy...
Absolutely. Skin shrinking devices and techniques are generally alot of hype and can only deliver very modest amounts of skin contraction. Therefore a tummy tuck is the only consistent way to achieve elimination of loose abdominal skin.
Yes. After pregnancy, particularly after twins, the skin and fascia of the abdomen have often been stretched beyond their ability to shrink back. Exercising the muscles will tighten them but won't remove the excess skin or separation that may exist between the muscles. A tummy tuck is a reliable way to get rid of the skin and tighten the fascia. See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consult.
TT after baby. A tummy tuck will remove skin and tighten your muscles. Pregnancy causes your abdominal muscles to separate (diasthasis) and no diet or exercise can help. See a board certified plastic surgeon for your options. Http://www. Drschulmanplasticsurgery. Com/body/tummy-tuck/.
Definitely. A tummy tuck is the ideal operation for a woman who has developed loose skin and separated abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy.
Yes. Unfortunately exercise does not improve loose abdominal skin. Tummy tuck will get rid of the excess skin. Www. Dassmd. Com.
Mommy makeover. Congrats on your twins girls! As you figure our exercise can only do so much for post partum abdominal deformities including loose skin and stretch muscles. First consider if you are done with pregnancies and tummy tuck is the procedure of choice to correct these deformities. The mommy makeover includes tummy tuck and breast surgery (usually lift and augmentation) to correct the breast shape.
Yes. It can be a very powerful operation. It's for those folks with extra skin and soft tissue. Many who have had babies and have extra skin want the excess taken away. Some just want to fit into pants better. The abdominal muscles may also have spread out with pregnancy or just over time. The plication sews them back together. This flattens the tummy. See a board certified plastic surgeon.