Is a little bit of itching from methylprednosolone ok? No rash just itching. Just bothers me 2 days ago I ended up in the ER from a fire ant byte feeling great now! Was prescribed methylprednisolone. With some other stuff

Itching. Where is the itch all over? Or near the bites? Those fire ant bites can itch quite a bite and as the dose of steroids is tapered down you will start feeling them more. Doubt your itching is from the medication. Try to take an antihistamine to see if it helps.
If. If the medication is treating other symptoms effectively, and you are experiencing some itching that is tolerable, then it should be ok. Nevertheless, itching is a sign of an allergic reaction. It is prudent to let your doctor know that this medication is causing an itch. Also look for other signs of allergic reaction such as hives, rash, swelling of the mouth and throat and redness. Let your doctor know about the itching, as he/she can prescribe something to remedy that.