Are there obvious scars after a breast reduction?

Yes. Breast reduction scars always encircle the areola. There is usually a vertical scar extending from the areola down to the breast fold. There may also be a horizontal scar in the fold that is usually hidden under the breast.
See link below. There are a variety of options for breast reduction and the scars will vary accordingly. Some methods leave vary small scars and have been called scarless breast reduction (a misnomer). See this link to review options: http://www. Bodysculptor. Com/breast-surgery-chicago/breast-reduction/.
Yes. There are scars around the nipple, from the nipple to the crease, and sometimes in the crease. Over time these scars may fade to a point where they are almost imperceptible, but they will always be there.
Yes. The traditional wise pattern which leaves anchor scars will leave you with the most amount of scarring. The single vertical scar or lassus technique will have less scarring and a perkier breast.
Fade to white lines. Scarring is an inevitable side effect of any kind of surgery. Scars from breast reduction may appear red and lumpy for a few months and are permanent. However, they may fade into thin white lines after some time. The appearance of scars can depend on the placement of the incisions and the skill of your plastic surgeon. Read more here: www. Mwbreast. Com/avoiding-scarring-breast-reduction-surgery.
Yes. Lollipop or anchor-shaped. Can become almost unnoticeable or remain obvious in bright light.
Yes. The usual methods of breast reduction (wise pattern or medial pedicle) will leave scars on the breasts. However, these scars are not visible when the patient is wearing a bra or bikini.
Scar Management. Yes but there are ways to manage them: http://drnichter. Com/best-scar-management/

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How noticeable are scars after a breast reduction?

Different techniques. There are many different techniques which are popularly known as the crescent, donut, lollipop and anchor in order of increasing scarring. The appearance of the scars is the result of the technique used, the surgeon's skills and the individual's response to the injury and natural healing tendencies. Each of these 3 factors can play a major role in the result and noticeability of the scars. See fig.
Improve with time. Properly performed breast reduction in most patients results in scars that improve over time. They get to the point at which they need to be examined closely to be evident in most cases over the first year.
Varies. Difficult to generalize about the appearance of scars after breast reduction surgery, as each patient will heal differently. Sometimes, after a period of a year or greater, it is difficult to see the scar lines. Sometimes, on the other hand, heavy scarring may occur and scar revision surgery and/or treatment may be beneficial.

Is there anything I can do to fade the scars after a breast reduction?

Many things. Scars evolve from angry red, to raised, to flat and hypo-pigmented over about a year for most patients--depending on their heritage and the surgery performed. Use otc Mederma gel 4x/day starting after you are fully healed; get silicone gels or bandages to put on the scar; consider certain laser treatments and even injections of 5-fu or steroids if you get keloids. Just depends...See your/a doc!
It DEpends. You should discuss your scars with your plasti surgeon who has examined you and can make specific recommndations.
Many. There are many options available to diminish the appearance of scars. I personally like the biocorneum product, which is a liquid silicone with sunblock.
Many. Silicone sheeting, cordran tape, mederma, and sometimes kenalog (triamcinolone) injection.

Where are the scars located after a breast reduction? How much scarring is there from a breast reduction, and where are the scars usually located? .

If. If you view a picture on a plastic surgeon's website of a breast reduction patient you will the see the incisions and scars are around the areola, down the middle and in the fold of the breast, this is where the sutures are. Dr. Edwards.
The. The scars depend on what type of reduction you have. For the most part the scar goes around the nipple and from the 6oclock position of the nipple down to the inframammary fold, wher the breast meets the chest wall and then transversally along thew inframammary fold for a variable distance. Www. Beautybybrueck. Com.
There. There are three most common locations for the scars on the breasts after reduction: one around the areola, one going down from the areola and final option is for the scar in the crease under the breast. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www. Drgrossman. Com.
Scars. In my practice the short scar vertical reduction is a lollipop scar around the areola and straight down and usually heals very well w a faint straight line scar.

Does breast reduction leave awful lasting scars?

Permanent but… Breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform. These operations are associated with scarring that is permanent; however, the scars are rarely “awful”. However, patients undergoing this operation should be aware that poor scarring may result and additional therapy and/or surgery may be necessary to improve the appearance of these scars. Best wishes.

Can you tell me how noticeable are scars from a breast reduction?

Depends. Scars do occur in breast reduction, as with any surgery. The question is how well do you tend to heal, what type of scar patterns are you willing to tolerate on your breasts, and whether or not you think that trading scars on the breast for improved shape and decreased back pain, if you have it. The scars tend to fade nicely for most people.
It depends. In fair-skinned people, 19 out of 20 people make a normal scar, which fades to a thin, pale line over the course of about a year. Darker skin tones and those with a tendency to make thicker scars will tend to have a more obvious incision result, but sometimes we are pleasantly surprised with how well the scar does. Despite the scar, breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients!
Depends. Most patients tend to scar well; scars tend to fade over the course of time. However, these scars will always be visible; patients should have realastic expectations. Sometimes, scars benefit from additional treatment and/or revisionary surgery to improve their appearance. Overall, despite scarring, breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations performed.

I've had a breast reduction and my boobs are still growing, sometimes it hurts right where my scars are. Is that normal?

Breasts reduction. Breasts can enlarge after reduction in certain cases. Sometimes people have to get a repeat reduction if significant. Pain at incisions is common after surgery. Swelling after surgery is also common and may be what you are experiencing. Make sure to follow up with your surgeon.

I'm 2weeks post breast reduction (vertical scar)my support bra doesn't seem to be very supportive should I firmly apply bandage for extra support?

Refit bra. Suggest you return to your md and be refitted for a better size/support. Often after early swelling subsides, the breast volumes are significantly smaller, making the original support garment less effective. It is important to continue to support the operated breasts well during the early healing times.
Call your doctor. While I am happy to participate in health tap and be able to answer general plastic surgery questions, there are often questions here that start "i am so many days post op and. .." as a surgeon, I would much rather my patients call me with a question they think may be "stupid" and it turn out to be nothing rather than miss a significant complication because they posted it online. Call the doctor.
Call now. :) Now would be a good time to ask your surgeon what to do. I appreciate it when my patients call me. It shows that we are on the same team, and it gives me a chance to help them. There are no stupid questions, only the ones we shoudl have asked.

I was planning to get breast reduction but got scared off by a Dr who said that the scars where horribly traumatizing & in an anchor shape, is it true?

First you decide. At 24, do you need it? . If doctors scared you look for a second surgeon (and opinion). Any surgical procedure scar is an issue, some heal gently barely visible scar, other may form larger scar tissue (keloids) Next step is your decision.

How to tell if my breast reduction scar is infected?

Drainage, redness. Look for increasing or expanding redness, any suture line drainage, or increased pain. Infections usually happen 7-21 days after surgery. Some redness along the incisions is normal as healing takes place. If you have any questions about your wound you should see the surgeon who is taking care of you.