What is being done to prevent childhood cancer? I am doing a speech on childhood cancer and this would be very useful. Thank you

Hard subject... Very is little is known about why some children develop cancer and others don't. There are some very rare inherited cancer-predisposition syndromes, but for most childhood cancer we don't know the cause, thus it is hard to prevent. Much current research is focusing on better treatments to improve cure rates and decrease long term health effects (late effects would be a great topic for a speech).
People . People who live healthy day to day lifestyles have a lower incidence of cancer throughout their lives. Beginning this education during childhood is essential. Many cancers are believed to be caused by a nutritional defiency or exposure to environmental pollution. Factors such as choosing a healthy diet (rich in organic vegetables/fruits and antioxidant rich foods), maintaining an active lifestyle (exercise), getting adequate rest, healthy emotional relationships (decrease stress) and application of skin protection are steps adults/parents can take to decrease the risk of cancer in their child's life. Best of luck in your speech!