I have lower back pain kind of moderate it comes and goes. Head ache come and goes. Slight temperature na

Stiff neck, fever... The most concerning thing would be an infection. Fever, neck stiffness, night sweats are all worrisome signs that need immediate medical attention. Headaches that are one sided or accompanied by vision changes also need further work up.
The . The symptoms you describe can be attributed to many different things, and may or may not be related. You could be dealing with a urinary tract infection, kidney infection, viral illness, amongst many other things. My advice to you would be to schedule a visit with your primary care doctor and expect to have a history of your current symptoms, directed physical, urine and possibly blood tests, in addition to whatever else is deemed necessary to make a diagnosis. Good luck.

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Have lower back pain that now has turned to a headache and all over body aches. Any idea on what this could be? No fever temps.

Concerned Doctor . Possibilities include a cold, the flu, myositis, spinal infection, and even more serious diseases. You need a neurological and Orthopaedic exam, labs, imaging and possibly spinal tap. . Read more...