Having severe pain in tongue and face since small growth removed from tongue. Is this much pain normal? I had small growth (1/2 size of a q- tip head) removed from tongue 1 week ago. The pain is so severe. I am unable to eat even liquid without stabbi

Growth cut by laser? Are you seeing the dentist for a follow-up? Was it for a biopsy? If a scalpel was used to cut the growth, it can sometimes take up to 6-8 weeks to be fully healed. Ibuprofen is a great anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce pain. Stay away from acidic foods & alcohol-based mouthwashes. Gly-oxide otc antiseptic mouthwash can help too. Make sure you have an appt to see a dentist.
Any . Any unbearable pain needs to be evaluated asap. If your doctor is out of town then you are well within your right to go to an urgent care or emergency room. Also you can call your doctor's office, and they will likely be able to connect you with the provider that is covering your doctor while they are away. You may be dealing witha secondary infection that may need treatment right away. This type of pain seems extreme for the procedure you described, and is likely an effect of a more pressing problem. I hope this issue has been resolved.