Is citalopram safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Usually. I agree with dr. Crystal's reference, but come to a different conclusion. This is a risk-benefit decision must be made between yourself and your physician. The majority of the data indicate citalopram is likely safe is breastfeeding as well as pregnancy. A resource that puts this into context is: http://www.Womensmentalhealth.Org/specialty-clinics/psychiatric-disorders-during-pregnancy/.
No. Please see this patient handout link from otis: http://www.Otispregnancy.Org/files/citalopram.Pdf.
Agree with others. My sources indicate beyond 20 weeks there is evidence of risk with citalopram and other ssri/snri. Lacatation ok alternatives may be mirtazepine, abilify, (aripiprazole) or seroquel for which there is no evidence of any specific risk. It is essential to weigh maternal benefit vs fetal risk. Poor self care related to depression may be more of a risk to the baby than medications. Take care of yourself and the baby.