What is this called & what can I do? I've been having a problem with eating where I either feel really hungry or not hungry at all causing me to have little to no eating schedule and I eat about 1-6 times a day I also feel guilty about eating at times and

Think. please take a moment each morning to think about how you can bring balance into your life. work on eating good food and having healthy snacks - hard to overeat fresh vegetables. create choice - have healthy things with you all the time - Kind Bars are nice. try to apply mindfulness to your eating struggle. many good articles here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/mindful-eating/
It . It sounds like you may be either suffering from an eating disorder or depression. Both are serious problems, and need treatment if they are in fact the cause of your symptoms. Bulimia is the most likely conditon that you are suffering from. Bulimia an illness in which a person binges on food or has frequent episodes of overeating and often feels a loss of control. The person then uses various methods to prevent weight gain (i.e. Vomiting) your primary care provider will be able to take a detailed history and physical exam and then based on their findings, make a diagnosis and either treat you or refer you to a specialist who is trained to treat such problems. In the meantime i suggest you start a food diary. Use a journal or notebook and keep track of when you eat, what you eat, why you are eating, how you feel during and after you eat, what you do shortly after you eat, you can also track your daily weight in the journal. Any other thoughts or questions can be added to the journal. This journal will serve as an important tool for your doctor to help make a diagnosis, and get you the help you need. I wish you the best of luck.