How can I loose belly fat exercise I just started and I loose focus because I dint see results

Stay focused. Everyone should diet/exercise. If your body stores fat at the abdomen predominantly that will be the last area to go. That is where liposuction, tummy tuck, and some new non-invasive procedures: coolsculpting, liposonix, can come in handy.
Some options... Body sculpting sounds promising (& there are gimmicks & diets that promise you their products can do this), but the only way to effectively spot-reduce unwanted tissue is to surgically remove it. The "pear" body type preferentially stores fat around the hips; "apples" store it around their waist. Lose 1 pound of fat for every 3500 calories you drop or exercise off, but you can't pick where--sorry.
Your . Your diet is much more important than exercise believe it or not. You need to eat a low fat, high protein diet rich with lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember you lose weight by burning off more calories than you consume. On average we consume much more calories than we can effectively burn off with a simple exercise regimine. This means that your siet is probably the reason you are not seeing results. I suggest you consult a nutritionist for a healthy diet that fits your lifestyle and will be easy to follow. You can also do your own internet research for tips on healthy eating. Please don't totally neglect your exercise routine. It is very important to help build muscle, which helps to burn fat. Remember losing weight, especially "belly fat" does not happen over night, and you need to have patience and will power to achieve your goals. Good luck.