What type of doctor treats paronychia of the fingernails? Would that same doctor be able to treat a loosened large toe nail? The toe nail was injured on a lava rock and is barely attached. Will it grow back if removed or falls off? Would like to see the s

Paronychia. Podiatrist treat nail deformities of all kinds including paronychia. In some states (oh) podiatrist can treat fingers. In ok where I am podiatrist can not. A dermatologist would be able to help you with your finger nails.
A . A general orthopedic surgeon could likely take care of both issues. Usually, the nail will grow back if it falls off or is removed. It is usually best to leave the nail in place initially so that the new nail will push it out as it grows preventing the skin at the base of the nail from adhering. More specifically, an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist or a podiatrist could treat foot/toe related issues. An orthopedic hand specialist takes care of hand/finger related issues.