What is this white powdery discharge on my penis. I have a problem sometimes with having to pee. I will go to the bathroom and after I have went I will still feel that I need to go. As I stand over the toilet I will tense and loosen my muscles so I can ge

See Dr. The urinary symptom of needing to go suggests an infection may be present. The white powder may be due to a few things, and needs seen to narrow down. See your dr / urgent care for exam, diagnosis, and treatment.
White . White penile discharge that is not related to semen is due to the presence of white blood cells in the fluid. The most common cause of white/cloudy discharge is an infection cause by an std such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes (to name a few). Rapid diagnosis and treatment is crucial to ensure no further damage to your reproductive organs. A sample of the penile discharge will be taken by your doctor. Call your doctor and see him/her as soon as you can.