Heart problems I have been having for some time now exhaustion, aching all over my body fatigue, agitation, panic attacks, and lots of daily chest pain I want to know what could be wrong with me some of my ailments include, diabetes, epilepsy, hypertensi

Have it evaluated. A person with chest pain needs to be evaluated and treated appropriately. Multiple possible causes may be: heart attack, esophageal reflux, anxiety, musculoskeletal, pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, and aortic dissection. Have it evaluated right away to prevent potential serious complications.
See your doctor! There are lots of potential explanations and diagnoses associated with your symptoms, some of which may be serious. See your doctor for complete evaluation asap! if you have not gotten an appropriate diagnosis and therapy, find another doctor.
With . With your medical history it is crucial you do not ignore the daily chest pains. Chest pains are indicative of heart attack. Moreover, the fatigue and agitiation you are feeling could be a related to cardiac tissue damage and inability of your heart to delivery necessary oxygen and nurtrients to your body. If you are experiencing active chest pain, get help. Call 911. Do not drive.

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Panic attacks. See a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist and get this worked out before it begins to interfere with your daily existence. Good luck and best wishes. Read more...
You could have. Panic attacks, sleep apnea, post traumatic stress disorder or other issues. You described chest pain ; pressure as sxs and depression as a condition. This warrants a through evaluation. Both psychiatric evaluation and sleep medicine evaluation are likely warranted. Polysomnogram (sleep study) may be indicated. Read more...