Is it true, after taking the Depo-Provera shot and going on birth control pills that you can stop the pills and get pregnant sooner? I took 3 shot of Depo-Provera and have been off since april last shot being january I am trying to concieve and have a bab

Many . Many women do not start ovulating for up to 10 months after stopping depo injections. This means you may not have your period for about 10 months as well. It is not likely that taking an alternative form of hormones in the interim will promote ovulation sooner. This will not necessarily expel the other existing hormones in your body. In fact, the hormonal imbalance may cause much discomfort, nausea, mood changes, break through bleeding, etc. Talk to your doctor if you wish to become pregnant. It is crucial you recieve prenatal care and supplements to prepare your body for pregnancy.