What could this be? For the past month I have been getting random sore throats. They last about a week approx. All get one, then it will go way, then a couple days later I get it again. I am on the 4th sore throat the past month and a quarter. Please help

There . There are numerous causes for sore throats. The most common would be recurrent infections (like tonsillitis) or acid reflux disease (gerd). Many people think that because they don't have heartburn, they cannot have gerd, but this isn't true. Chronic sore throat, especially when you don't feel particularly sick, can be a sign of gerd. Other potential causes would include chronic mouth breathing from nasal congestion. Your first step should be to your pcp to see if you have a throat infection. Assuming nothing is there, you may talk about gerd. Other symptoms of gerd include throat clearing, cough (especially at night), post-nasal drip or phlegm problems, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, and obviously heartburn.
Possible acid reflux. Intermittent throat pain can be a sign of acidic regurgitation into the throat. This can happen silently, without a sensation of the acid moving into the throat each time, and some awareness at other times. The hydrochloride acid, though dilute, does cause irritation, mucus production, and sometimes soreness. It is imperative that you have an otolaryngologist evaluate your throat thoroughly.