I'm a virgin but I had weird STD like symptoms around my genital area that went away in a couple weeks. Can I possibly have a STD stuff such as small wounds on penis (like the 1 youd get after a cut on your arm is in healing)

No "sex play"? If you have no contact with another sexually, then std less likely as source of symptoms (which were not well explained in q). More likely tinea / yeast ("jock itch") flare up. If still present, should see your dr for diagnosis and treatment.
You . You could very well have an std if you are still a virgin. Skin to skin contact can spread std's such as genital warts, crabs, and herpes. I would recommend that you go in to see your doctor. Based on your history and more detailed description of your problem, your doctor may want to do some blood testing, or wait until you possibly have another an then decide on the best course of action. Good luck to you.