It seems like my child too much homework - how do we keep balance?

Set a schedule. Figure out how much time is required for homework then set a schedule that includes family and fun time along with the time required to complete homework. This will allow your child to focus on other things and not feel overwhelmed with the amount of time required to complete homework. Setting a schedule will also allow you to remove other activities that may be time consuming and unproductive.
Pinpoint the problem. It is also important to pinpoint what really is the problem. Too much hw or taking too much time. Talk to the teacher and other parents to get a sense. Sit with your child and figure out any inefficiencies in the study process. Organise long term and short term projects and create a timeline. Are there issues like adhd or learning disabilities.
I agree with both . answers. Limit total screen time- TV, electronics, video games - to maximum 2 hrs./day after homework & outside play. Have a quiet place for study - no siblings or other distractions. Attention span for classwork or homework is typically 15 min. in KG, 20 min. in 1st grade, then add 3 minutes/grade level.If you & the teacher feel there's a learning or attention problem, see your pediatrician.