Could I have herpes? About three weeks ago the skin in my genital area as well as my inner thighs where itching. Then, a week ago I felt like the inner part of my rt. Thigh was bruised. Two days ago I woke up and noticed one very small bump. It looks like

Most likely . Not herpes, no vesicular lesion or open sores.
This . This definitely sounds like it could be a herpes lesion. The only way to be sure is to have your doctor or medical provider examine you when you have another lesion. At this time they will likely do a herpes culture. In conjunction with the culture, they may also do a blood test checking your body for exposure to the herpes virus. The testing will be for checking for exposure to herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2. Previously type 1 was thought to cause only fever blisters or cold sores, and type 2 genital herpes lesions. Now it is known that both types can can be found on genital or oral ulcerations. By visual examination, culture and blood tests a diagnosis of herpes can be made or excluded.