Am I as protected as I should be after missing one birth control pill 2 months ago? I think I missed one birth control pill 2 months ago about, I don't remember if it was an active or inactive pill or if I even missed it. But I have been taking my birth c

Don't worry. If you're taking the pills consistently without missing, it's not likely you would get pregnant. Keep taking your pills.. If you take your pills consistently at the same time every without ever missing, the failure rate is <1%. In typical use, the failure rate is 9%. But you missed 2 months age and have had a period.
Yes, . Yes, if you have been diligent about taking your pills for the last 2 months at the same time every day, then the birth control pill is effective. As long as you are not taking any medications (such as a antibiotic) that would decrease the efficacy of the pill. If you miss a pill, you are to use a back up method for 7 days. If you miss 3 pills, you are to throw away the rest of the pack, then restart a new pack as directed on the first day of your next period (or the first sunday following the first day of your period) and use a back up method.