What is wrong with my bicep? Today my bicep will not respond when I flex it. I recieved a stinger in a football game yesterday. When I stood up from the collision my arm was completely numb and paralyzed in the form of a chicken wing. It took a few minute

Nerve injury. Hopefully you are still only having a residual of the stinger but you would be better to go on and get checked as you could have a ruptured disc or compression fracture in your neck. As well as other ways to have nerve injury between your spine and arm.
Injuries . Injuries described as "stingers" can encompass a variety of conditions. Typically, though, what these injuries have in common is they involve trauma to a nerve or a set of nerves. Your bicep weakness is likely a result of trauma to the nerve that relays information to the bicep. There may very well be injury to other local nerves as well. Your post was 13 days ago. It is possible that you are already improving. I believe strongly that this injury should still be evaluated by an orthopaedic or spine doctor. You may have herniated a disc in your neck or have another anatomical difference that will predispose you to further injuries of this nature. Subsequent injury can cause further damage and increases the likelihood of more lasting problems. While surgery is not usually recommended for true "stinger" injuries, it will be important that you undergo evaluation and examination before determining that it was nothing else potentially more severe. Do not return to football or other contact sports until you have this evaluated to limit the risk of further damage. Good luck!