My son had an allergic reaction to the first dose of the chicken pox vaccination what should I do for the second dos he had a very bad case of the hives after receiving the first dose of the chicken pox vaccination

See an allergist. An allergist can give the vaccine in slowly increasing doses, will you and your son are in clinic, until the full dose is given but in a slower and safer manner. Plan on spending about 3 hours at the allergists office.
Your . Your son can have a blood test called a "varicella titer" that will show whether he has developed enough immunity to the chicken pox with the first dose to forgo the second shot. 85% chance that this is the case. If he has not, you may want to discuss the risks and benefits with your child's doctor or with an allergist to come up with a safe and effective plan. Legal disclaimer: I am providing this general and basic information as a public service and my response to this question does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For any additional information, advice, or specific concerns, please speak with your own physician. The information provided is current as of the date of the answer entry.