I smoked hash about 7 days ago and on my drug screen it comes out that I have failed on opium and meth. Is this normal? I have been drinking water for the past 3 days, and I even bought q-carbo herbal clean, I don't know if this works or not.

Normal?????? If you are smoking hash while knowing you are having drug testing, then you are in more trouble than you know. Firstly, you don't know what stuff is cut with, and it may have been cut with opioids or amphetamines (i assume you mean methamphetamine and not methadone). None of the so-called detox products work, and neither does drinking lots of water. You need to get help for your drug problem.
It . It is possible if the hash was laced with these drugs. Also, many urinalysis tests have been upgraded to detect cleansing drinks.