What is organic food?

Non-Synthetic Eats! In a general sense, foods that are produced without synthetic additives from start to finish would be considered organic. More specifically, foods that are produced in accordance with the federal organic foods production act, may be labeled 'organic'. This is not to imply that they have intrinsically better nutritional value, nor are they somehow 'better for you'.
Depends. . The fruit has the same benefits of vitamins and fiber etc. but some people feel that organic fruits and vegetables have less toxic pesticides on them so you consume less. Organic farmers use pesticides that are felt to be safer. But is unclear how much pesticide humans actually consume from the food and whether those small amounts have any actual effect on you. .
No xenobiotics. There are thousands of chemicals that are naturally produced by living things, including amino acids, vitamins, hormones, antibiotics, fungicides, insecticides, antivirals and toxins. These "organic" chemicals are produced to nourish and protect living things from other, competing living things in their ecosystem. Man made chemicals do the same things, but may have been more thoroughly tested.