I am insulin dep diabetic I have been having tingling in my chest going into my right arm and achy muscles/bones what could this insulin dep diabetic asthma

Have it evaluated. Could be heart, lung, and nerve related. Have it evaluated to have it properly diagnosed.
Not necessarily . Thre may be more likely a chance of diabetic neuropathy. This should be checked by your physician.It may also be totally unrelated. Asthma would show up as a shortness of breath, coughing, and other lung associated problems. Easy enough to be ruled out with breathing tests and your own medical history. Check it out with your physician.
Tingling . Tingling in the chest and arms without chest pain are not classically signs of a heart attack, but it is worth seeking medical attention to investigate. The tingling may be caused by poor circulation, since your history of diabetes puts you at risk for peripheral vascular disease. People who experience panic attacks have also described this. As for the muscle and body aches, it is possible you are enduring an infectious process. See your doctor.