Can bee stings make your whole leg swell, even if you're not allergic? I got stung by a bee medial to my left knee about 36 hours ago, I never saw the bee, I just had to assume by my symptoms that it was a bee. The sting has been swelling non-stop since I

Yes. Large local reactions are a bit more worrisome. Say u r stung on the ankle, if the swelling goes up to the hip then the person really should see an allergist for testing. Especially since most people almost never know what stung them. It is important, though, to wait 6 weeks after this sting for testing.
You . You had a singnificant reaction to what bite you. You should see an md to make sure that it is not an infection, however.
Sting. That is a pretty significant reaction and could also be a spider bite. See your allergist for testing.