What are the health effects of fluoride in water? I hear it's good for our teeth, but can it be damaging to our mental and physical state as well?

Fluoride Good! Much of the negative reports on Fluoride in the water are distorted claims that are not backed up by legitimate science and valid statistics. The positive effects of adding a Fluoride to municipal drinking water is so vast that it is considered 1 of the most significant public health achievements in the history of mankind! it greatly decreases cavities and tth loss, people eat better and stay heal.
Not a problem. The small amounts of Fluoride added to municipal water supplies only helps to strengthen your teeth. Moderate over doses can cause dental fluorosis. Very large doses over an extended time can cause skeletal fluorosis (only 4 cases in the usa). This will not happen from dinking water with the proper amount of Fluoride in it. Fluoride has no proven effects on mental state.