Am I pregnant? Hi. I have been on the birth control pill for about 4 months. My boyfriend and I are always careful and always use the pull-out method, and I have never missed a pill. However, I felt really nauseous this morning, and my pelvis area is tend

Not likely. If you're taking the pills consistently without missing, it's not likely you would get pregnant. Keep taking your pills? If you take your pills consistently at the same time every without ever missing, the failure rate is <1%. In typical use, the failure rate is 9%. It also depends on when you started the pills and whether you used a backup method. If you miss your period, check a pregnancy test.
When . When taken as directed, the birth control pill is 99% effective. If you have been diligent about taking the pill, then the chances of you being pregnant are very low. Yes, abdominal exercises can give you lower abdominal pain, perhaps you over worked or pulled a muscle. Pelvic pain and tenderness along with nausea can be attributed to a bladder or urinary tract infection. Take your tempurature to see if you have a fever. If your symptoms persist or get more severe, see your doctor. Pregnancy is not likely. However if you miss your period, take a pregnanct test.