Am I pregnant no period hard sensitive nipples cold all the time heartburn minor weight loss puffy stomach and sleepiness

Take a urine test. The best way to determine that is to buy a pregnancy test and you will get your answer in a short time. Your symptoms can be related to hypothyroidism. If not pregnant, check your levels of tsh, t4, t3 (liothyronine) at your doctor's office.
The . The early signs of pregancy vary amongst women, but here are some classic signs: 1. Late/abonormal menstration - may experience spotting as egg implants to uterus 2. Nausea/vomiting - morning sickness 3. Fatigue/drowsiness 4. Back pain 5. Heachaches - due to hormone changes 6. Darkening of nipple/areola 7. Frequent urination pregnancy hormone can be detected in the urine about 14 days after conception, take a pregancy test if your period is late.