Birth control question I have been on birth control for years now. I was just on antibotics a few weeks ago and I just stopped taking the antibotics about a week or so ago. I just had sex last night. Will brith control still work or should I try Plan B pi

Not likely. Most antibiotics do not interact with ith control pills for most people. Having stopped the antibiotics a few weeks ago, you should be back to normal.
It . It is very important to use an alternative form of birth control (like condoms) when taking antibiotics, and to be safe, for a couple of weeks after you are finished with your regimen. This is because some antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of the birth control hormones. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about whether or not the antibiotic you were taking decreases the effectiveness of birth control. If, not he/she may recommend that you take Plan B to avoid pregnancy. Also, remember that birth control pills are not 100% effective. Practice safe sex if you are not ready to have a baby.