I missed 5 birthcontrol pills could I be pregnant? I'm on ortho tri-cyclin lo and I missed more than 5 pills could I be pregnant?

Yes.. Yes. You are at risk for getting pregnant. With each pill you miss, the efficacy of the pill decreases. If you miss 3 pills, it is always recommended to throw the rest of the pack away, use a back up birth control method (i.E condoms) and restart a new pack on the first day (or first sunday) of your period. You must use a back up method until then, and for atleast 7 days after restarting your pill. In the meantime, the pregnancy hormone can be detected in your urine 14 days after conception. Take a pregnancy test to ensure.

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Hello. I missed three days of my birth control pills (ortho tri cyclin lo) and took two pills a day for three days. What should I do?

Use a back up method. If you missed 3 of your active birth control pills - it is enough for your body to start developing a follicle, so you are at risk of conceiving. I would recommend using a back-up method of bc for the next month, and consider using the over the counter "plan b" if you have had intercourse in the past 3 days, just to be safe.
Reset. While you might get away with this if you are near the end of your pack, you need to assume you are not protected. Stop the pill for a week and then start a new pack. Use backup contraception (a condom, for instance) for the next month. If remembering pills is a problem you should consider the ring, the patch or switch to an implant or an iud.