I am experiencing severe constipation I have tried laxatives, enemas, and diet change and nothing has brought lasting results

Change your diet and. Fluids. Eat a high fiber diet between 20-25 grams per day, regular meal times and drink 80-100 oz of caffeine free alcohol free fluids daily. If you exercise and should add 20 oz per 30 minutes of strenuous exercise. Some meds contribute to constipation so take the meds with full glass of fluid instead of a sip in addition to the above recommended fluids. See your doctor if no improvement with abo.
Constipation . Constipation is the retention of feces or inability to have a bowel movement. Contact your doctor if you constipation has lasted over 3 days because the retention of fecal matter in your intestines can lead to a perforation in your bowels and you can become septic, a serious medical condition. Things that can cause constipation include pain medications that contain narcotics (since this slows down digestive processes), ingestion of fried or refined foods, and dehydration. Other things you can try to promote bowel movement is: 1. Eat more fiber (vegetables, nuts, grains) 2. Exercise to promote GI motility and raise your metabolism 3. Drink lots of water, atleast 8 glasses a day 4. Eat yogurt with live cultures see your doctor if your constipation persists.