When should you see a doctor about a cough? I have had a cough for 5 days. It's deep in my chest and my voice has been going in and out. I know that colds can last for a week, but when should I seek medical attention?

Cough. Hello, a cough with chest congestion and hoarseness sounds like a common cold. These are usually viral in nature and should respond to an over the counter cough and cold remedy.If the symptoms persist beyond 7-10 days, then visit your primary care physician.
I . I hope your cough has subsided by this time, but in answer to your question, you should see or call your doctor if: 1) your cough is purulent (you are coughing up thick green or yellow mucus) 2) you have a fever higher than 100 f 3) cough up blood or pink or rusty, frothy mucus 4) you are wheezing or short of breath or have chest pain 5) your cough has lasted for longer than 8 weeks (chronic cough) 6) consistent loss of voice associated with a cough typically, a cold caused by a virus can last a week or slightly longer, but the cough caused by a cold can often take longer to resolve. Bacterial infections are also a cause of an acute cough. The three most common causes of a chronic cough are asthma, postnasal drip (drainage from your nose down the back of your throat), and gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd). In addition, certain medications, such as ace inhibitors, infections, or chronic lung diseases can also cause a chronic cough.