Water coming out of vagina? When I was little like around the age of 13 I used to pleasure my self under running water that entered into my vagina and I did it until I was like 14 then I stopped and now I have water like spilling out of my vagina when I s

Vagina. Water? Infection? Pain? Tenderness? It doesn't sound like an infection as you describe no other symptoms. Do you have any? Maybe you should seek an evaluation.
The . The most likely source of the water is urine as the urethra (opening to the bladder) is located inside the labia next to the vaginal opening. Incontinence is not uncommon in women of all ages. Stress incontinence is caused by a lack of anatomic support under the urethra and results in leaking with any increase in pressure like a cough or sneeze. Bladder spasms cause urge incontinence which starts with uncontrollable urge to urinate followed immediately by a large amount of leakage. The only way that getting water in the vagina could cause infertility is if it resulted in a pelvic infection. The symptoms would be cramping, foul discharge and fever. The most common way of getting that infection would be having sex and being exposed to chlamydia or gonnorrhea, not from water. You really need to see a doctor to help you sort this out. This could be a pediatrician, family practitioner or even better-a gynecologist.