Could I be pregnant my boyfriend and I had sex 10 weeks ago and there was a pin size hole in the condom about an inch up from the tip. I am on birth control and have had three periods since then. I took a pregnancy test 8 weeks after and it was negative.

If . If you were pregnant, you would no longer have periods. Women have a period if an unfertilized egg is passed through the uterus. If no egg implants into the uterus, then the uterine lining sheds, resulting in a period. Since you are having a period, then the uterine lining is shedding. It is wonderful that you are protecting yourself with a condom and the birth control pills. It is safe to say that your chances of being pregnant are very low.
No. You are not pregnant if you've had your period, have a negative pregnancy test and have consistently taken the pills, but for the future you should know about emergency birth control that is available without a prescription so if the condom leaks, breaks or slips off, you have a backup plan.