When insterting yeast infection cream, do I pull both the applicator, and the other stick back out, or does it stay and dislove? My first yeast infection, and directions weren't clear. I need to know before I hurt myself, if I pull both the applicator and

Yes. the applicator and stick just send the cream into the vagina, then you remove the applicator and push stick out.
To . To answer your question you need to hold the applicator in your hand and gently insert the applicator into your vagina as far as it will go without causing any discomfort. Then push the inside piece of the applicator in (the stick) while holding the applicator in place. After you do this the stick will be completely inside the applicator and both will be in your vagina. After this the cream will have been inserted and you can pull the whole applicator out. Don't worry it's fairly simple after you get the hang of it; also I have never heard of the applicator getting stuck. If you still need help your local pharmacist should be able to give you a demonstration. Good luck!