Can you get a naturally caused cancer if it doesn't run in your family? I don't have cancer, but I'm curious as to whether you can get cancer if it doesn't run in your family. Excluding cancer caused from unnatural causes such as smoking.

Cancer Risk. Even without a family history, the lifelong risk of developing cancer in the us is 40%, with a 20% chance of dying from that cancer. It is therefore always good advice to undergo regular health and cancer screenings and avoid known risks, such as smoking, high fat diets, etc.
Yes, . Yes, you can get cancer even if it does not run in your family. Many cancers are thought to be caused by nutrition defiencies and environmental factors. You can decrease your risk of cancer by observing a healthy and active lifestyle, eating organic fruits and vegetables, eating foods rich in antioxidants and getting lots of exercise and sleep. Take care of your body to reduce your risk of getting cancer.