With stuttering, when should I be concerned?

Key signs. Watch out for prolonged sounds (mmmmay), signs of the child reacting to the stuttering (eye blinking, looking to the side, raised pitch of the voice), and repeating sounds 4 or more times (a-a-a-a-as). For more about difference between normal speech dysfuency and stuttering that should be addressed, check my full article: http://www.Drgreene.Com/azguide/stuttering.
Prolonged disfluency. Disruption in fluency of speech, stuttering, is most often noticed in children between 2 and 3 years of age, which may persist a few months. Referral for speech evaluation is recommended if a child has positive family history or demonstrates any of the following: prolonged stuttering over 6 months, avoiding talking, tense pauses in speech, or extrinsic facial or body movements while talking.