How long does stuttering last?

A few months. Stuttering, is most often noticed in children between 2 and 3 years of age, which may persist a few months. Referral for speech evaluation is recommended if a child has positive family history or demonstrates any of the following: prolonged stuttering over 6 months, avoiding talking, tense pauses in speech, or extrinsic facial or body movements while talking.
Stuttering. For most cases, stuttering will cease in childhood with the intervention of speech patholoogist in school. For others it will persist into adulthood until treatment is instituted by a speech and language therapist.
Variable. Stuttering or speech disfluency is a common problem. 5% of children in the USA have a period of stuttering with about 1% going on to have a lasting problem. If your child begins stuttering after age 4, stutters for more than 6 months or is extremely bothered by the stuttering consult your doctor. A helpful website is We do not know what causes stuttering.