What could be wrong if your insulin is high you are losing weight but glucose is fine and white blood cell count is fine? I am 16 years old and I am losing weight for no reason and I had blood work done and my white blood cell count is fine as well as my

losing weight. Well, there are many possibilities. I would suggest seeing an endocrinologist and having a whole battery of lab tests drawn to look at all the various hormone levels in your body.
Hyperinsulemia . Hyperinsulemia is a medical condition where abnormally high levels of Insulin are in the body. It will be important to ask your physician if your Insulin levels are actually abnormally high. Follw the guidance of your doctor and allow follow up as needed. It is not necessary to worry, let your doctor follow up as he/she deems necessary. Either way, there are some items that cause abnormally high Insulin levels: excessive exercise, pregnancy, impaired liver function, a growth in the pancreas or and endocrine gland disorder.