I had back pain and it hurt when I went to the bathroom and had sex with my boyfriend. I went to the doctor and diagnosed me with a urinary tract infection and put me on ciprofloxacin for 7 days...I finished these on sunday and my back doesn't hurt but it

Uti may not have cle. You need a repeat urine culture to see whether the infection has cleared.
Your . Your infection may not have cleared or you may have another issue. Your doctor can repeat a urine culture to make sure the infection is gone. Another possibility is the fact that you may have developed a yeast infection. This type of infection is common after taking antibiotics. It can cause a white thick almost cottage cheese like discharge, itching, burning, and inflammation of the vagina. This would definitely cause pain while having sex. Either way a trip back to your doctor is in order, because you should not be having pain during intercourse, and the issue needs to be investigated. Good luck!