Does my child need fluoride?

Yes, but how much. If Fluoride is already present in your county or city drinking water your child is likely receiving plenty of fluoride. However, if there is no Fluoride added to your water, your child may need supplementation. See your dentist or pediatrician.
NO!!! Fluoride is considered more toxic than lead! it has been proven to significantly lower iq, increase risk of bone cancer and hip fractures & can reduce thyroid function. Research suggests that any benefits of Fluoride comes from applying it to teeth in toothpaste & there are no benefits of drinking it in water or taking Fluoride drops. See http://naturaldentistry.Us/1378/the-dangers-of-fluoride/.
Maybe. If there is Fluoride in your city water your child likely doesn't need additional supplementation. However if there isn't any your child should take Fluoride each day. Go to your county website to find out about the fluoridation of your water or ask your pediatrician.
Yes small amounts. Small amounts of Fluoride help protect the teeth from decay. The question is are they already getting enough from what they eat and drink or do they need additional. This depends on where you live, how old the child is, how good is their oral hygiene and diet, have they already had cavities. Your pediatric dentist can help guide you. One size does not fit all.