Can you smoke cigarettes after you've had open heart surgery? If you had open heart surgery when you were like 2 years old or younger and now currently 18 years old, can you smoke cigarettes? Will I be just smoking like a regular person who never had open

Smoking is bad for u. It's not like you are going to catch on fire or explode if you smoke, , but smoking is bad for your heart and lungs and all the blood vessels in the body.
It . It will be a problem for you like it is for everyone else who smokes: you'll risk getting severe lung disease, cancer, and blockages of blood vessels than can cause amputations, heart attacks, and strokes. The risk may be higher in your case because of your prior surgery (hard to know without knowing what surgery you had and why), but you can be very confident that smoking will hurt you no matter what. Plus you'll smell bad and waste thousands of dollars.
It's bad for you. Regardless of what kind of open heart surgery you had. Most surgeries at that age are to correct congenital heart disease, which is not directly related to your smoking, but might be to your mother's, if she smoked during pregnancy. If you are not smoking, don't start. If you are, quit. There are many ways to stop smoking and all of them can work. 1-800-quitnow is a good option.