Is it okay that my child walks on his toes all the time?

Depends on age. Toe walking is seen ocassionally in normal kids and will usually disappear by 3-5yr. The cause for most is unknown. Some will need work with a physical therapist to stretch the calf muscle and tendon & the stretches can also be done by parents at home. I would discuss the issue with your childs doctor and decide after an exam if other work up is needed.
Depends. This depends on the age of the child, social factors, and health factors which all play a role in whether this is considered ok. See a foot/ankle specialist with interest in pediatric conditions to have a complete evaluation performed. Seek advice on a referral from family, friends and your child's pcp.
Depends. The other two answers are excellent. This is a child i would want to see and evaluate. Usually toe walking is not a big problem. We recommend stretching exercises and high top shoes to try and keep the heel down when walking. Physical therapy referral may be needed if the achilles heel area is tight.
Depends on age. Tiptoeing in young child under 18 months is generally considered normal. Persistent tiptoeing beyond 18 months of age, however, prompts medical attention. Could be from tight heel cord. Could be even an early sign of cp.
No Pain. As long as there is not consistant pain, there is usually no serious complications or problems associated with toe walking.