What can happen to my childrens health if they don't eat any vegetables? I have 2 girls-- 8 years & 5 years. They refuse to eat any vegetables, no matter what form or how I try to hide them in certain foods. Will not drink any juice that has ve

Picky. Picky eaters can drive a parent nuts! Luckily, many studies have shown that even though your child may only eat one or two things in the course of a day, when looking at the week or even month, they have surprisingly balanced diets. Even kids that refuse veggies will receive plenty of vitamins and minerals from other sources such as fruits, grains, dairy and meat. Relax knowing that it's your job to buy and prepare nutritious food creatively and it's their jobs to eat it. As long as your child is healthy and growing properly (you can ask their doctor about their growth charts), you can take a deep breath and know they'll be ok in the long run. Here are a few tips for picky kids: -get them involved. Plant a garden. Have them shop with you and pick out foods they want to try. Get them involved in the preparation. Kids are more likely to eat the foods over which they feel some ownership and pride. -use peer pressure to your advantage. Invite over non-picky friends and serve foods your children might not normally try or eat. You might be surprised what they eat when their friends are doing it, too. -use dips. Kids love to dip. Healthy dip suggestions are: cottage cheese, fruit and veggie purees, cream cheese, guacamole, yogurt and peanut butter. -presentation is everything. Making food look pretty and fun is half the battle. Serve food in interesting dishes such as measuring cups or toy plates. Make "food art" with foods cut into interesting shapes with cookie cutters and using the plate to create a picture. -encourage "trying" instead of "eating" a new food. Many children do not like veggies because they can taste very different to a kid than they do to an adult. As your children mature, so will their tastes. Foods they previously did not like may suddenly become "not so bad". And "trying" is much less intimidating than "eating". If you are really concerned about their vitamin intake, there's nothing wrong with using a children's chewable daily vitamin to put your mind at ease. Good luck! Legal disclaimer: I am providing this general and basic information as a public service and my response to this question does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For any additional information, advice, or specific concerns, please speak with your own physician. The information provided is current as of the date of the answer entry.
Picky eater. Start by giving them a multi vitamin. You can't make them eat anything, but you can make them try. They need to take a bite of whatever veg that you are serving. It can sometimes take 50 tries to change their minds. If they eat spaghetti sauce, which is a veg, anyway, try blending cooked carrots, zucchini, etc and adding it to the sauce. As they get older, they will be more open to new foods.