What are some ways to have a high possibility of conceiving a girl? Me and my husband have 3 boys and really want a girl. My most recent pregnancy resulted in an early miscarriage. During one of my doctor visits my doctor told me that the first eggs tha

Adopt or IVF. All the myths are just that.No sex position, diet, timing, etc assure gender selection.The male sperm does. If you want your own genetic girl, an IVF center can harvest your eggs, fertilize them with dads sperm & select female embryos to implant in you. There is no guarantees it would produce a full term pregnancy.
Your . Your husband determines the gender of the offspring. While there are various folkloric methods to increase the chance, if you are looking for 90+% chance of a girl, you should explore insemination with a separated preparation of your husband's sperm. It is possible to separate out the x-chromosome containing sperm using centrifugation and then inseminate you. It is a few hundred dollars per month but it works.